Dear friends of E-driven separation techniques,

we are pleased to invite you to the 2019 CE-Forum, December 11-12 hosted by Agilent Technologies on their Waldbronn campus (near Karlsruhe). An intensive meeting which aims to attract scientists and users of capillary electrophoretic separation techniques. A deep exchange of theoretical work, practical results, and new developments in the technique will help you in progressing your research work and your daily CE practice.

The organisers are continuing the tradition of the CE-Forum as a platform especially for graduate students with broad open discussions between participating academic workgroups and peers about the technique and its application.

It is expected that all participants will present their work in a form of an oral or poster presentation. Focus will be given on discussions between the participants instead of pure lectures. Ample time for discussion will be scheduled in each slot for oral presentation. Poster contributors are asked to present their work in a 3-min. flash presentation after which time is scheduled for discussions in front of the posters. Participants are encouraged to present also negative results of their research efforts or share unresolved hypotheses with the audience.

During the get-together evening event all participants on December 11 will have enough time for personal exchange and networking. You may find partners for cooperation and for future projects.

Looking forward to meeting you at the 2019th issue of the CE-Forum in Waldbronn, (Karlsruhe). If you want to stay informed please join the CE-Forum Mailing List by using the form below.



Jens Meixner Gerard Rozing
Agilent Technologies ROZING.COM Consulting
Waldbronn         Karlsruhe
The 2019 CE-Forum is kindly supported by: