Program Info for All


Language on the slides for oral presentation will be English. In respect for non-German speaking participation we require the oral presentations to be delivered in English. For questions and discussion after oral presentation, during poster sessions and in networking discussions both English and German language can be used as appropriate.

Oral Presentations:

Given the tradition of the CE-Forum, all speakers will plan their presentation so to leave ample time for discussion. As a rule of the thump, use 2/3 of the number of minutes of the allocated time slot as the number of slides for your presentation. E.g. for a 20 minutes slot, use 12-13 slides. The session chairmen will be instructed to aid the presenters to abide their speaking time.

It is recommended to use MS PowerPoint in 4:3-page format to prepare the slides. Deliver your presentation on a USB-memory stick or disk upon arrival on each day. In case you need to use your own computer (Apple iMAC), present in other format, or present on line content, inform us ahead of Forum begin (see the contact form in the menu "Information"). 

Posters and Poster Sessions

Maximum size of your poster is DIN A0, landscape. Aids to attach your poster will be provided. Posters will be on display during the whole forum. All poster authors are invited to present their poster in a 3-min. flash presentation at the beginning of the poster session on Day 1 immediately after lunch (see preliminary program page).